01. Initial Consultation

At the beginning of a project we’ll discuss what you want to achieve with your video. What would you like to communicate? Who is your audience? How will you measure the success of your video? We’ll have initial creative conversations about the content, tone and style of your film. And then we’ll develop what we’ve discussed into a proposal that works within your budget and timing, and satisfies your goals for the film.

02. Pre-Production

Once we’ve agreed on an approach to your movie, we’ll assign a project manager and key filmmakers to work on your movie. Between them they will script, schedule and plan your film in the most efficient way possible.

03. Production

When the film goes into production, our team of filmmakers work in a range of ways depending on the nature of the project. This can range from:


(1 person)

Documentary-style Crew

(2-3 people)

Larger Crew

(4+ people)

Specialist Crew

(Aerial, rostrum, gimbal etc)

They’ll work with our core which kit contains most up-to-date room equipment and accessories. We regularly use Canon Digital Cinema cameras and HDSLR cameras, with a selection of L-series zoom and prime lenses. For camera movement and stabilization we use to MOVI gimbal, track and dolly, and robotic and manual sliders.

Our lighting kits have the capacity to illuminated everything from a small interview to large spaces, with products by leading lighting manufacturers such as KinoFlo, Litepanel, Arri, Dedo and Chimera.

04. Post-Production

The post-production takes place at our in-house studio, with multiple edit suites for offline and online editing, music and sound editing, colour correction and grading. We also have specialist team members for any animation and motion graphics requirements.

During the process of amends, we can either send the draft film to you for comments, or can arrange a face-to-face meeting at our offices where we can work through them together. We’ll deliver the film in the format you require for websites, on DVD, flash drive and we can advise and support you with online distribution and channel management.