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Bringing stories to life

Renaisi is an award-winning social enterprise that looks after immigrant communities in Hackney, east London. It provides a range of services including pro bono work to help refugees get language training, appointments and integrate into British life. After Renaisi contacted us, we held a series of meetings to work out what message they wanted to convey. The key for Renaisi was to bring personal stories to life and give a face to what they do.

Applying our skills

We made three 60-second films, focusing on refugees, people with learning difficulties, and people making the journey into employment. The individuals we were filming were vulnerable, they have come through difficult situations and were not used to appearing on camera. We used the skills we’ve developed through our workshop programme – which has given our team the ability to work with people from any background – to explain the filming process and allow them to tell their unique stories.

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