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Promoting the Highest Standards

The ICSA, also known as The Governance Institute, is the professional body for corporate governance promoting the highest standards of behaviour and ethics in the corporate world. The conference is a two-day event held at ExCeL London. It is primarily aimed at company secretaries and governance leaders and attracts around 3,000 delegates. We first started working with the ICSA in 2017 and have since filmed both conferences in 2018 and 2019.

Smart Content and Keynote Speeches

A two-person crew worked both together and separately to make sure they covered as much ground as possible and were liaising with the client throughout the event. The conference highlights film is primarily used to promote the following year’s conference and drive ticket sales, as well as to convince future sponsors. We also produced multiple online outputs for the ICSA to use across different platforms, which included short films of keynote speeches from the event.

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