Round tables can be the fascinating industry-specific debates.

More and more, companies are discovering the value of organising round table discussions, either as stand-alone events or as part of a conference agenda. They encourage select guests to participate in top-level debate about industry-specific issues.

Chocolate Films is a leader in filming round tables

With years of experience shooting round tables and an array of equipment specific to a round table setup, Chocolate Films are experts in producing high-quality, fast-turnaround films of these round table events.

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Round table discussions are becoming ever more popular in the business world. They are a great way for experts in a specific sector to come together for an hour or so, and share ideas, thoughts and opinions on a specific subject.

The ideas that arise in round table discussions can produce captivating industry-specific web content. However, due to the amount of speakers and the complex sight-lines, they can be difficult and expensive to film well.

Chocolate Films has been shooting round table discussions for several years for high-profile clients such as the NHS and the Institute of Directors. We have specialised kit to ensure that the speakers are well lit at points of the table, and sound recording techniques to make sure that all the voices are heard equally well.

Beyond the video recording, we can provide additional services on the day such as vox pop interviews with the delegates. And as part of the post-production service we can supply transcription services in-house.

We understand the importance of effective video and we’re committed to helping you achieve your goals. Contact us now to find out just what we can do for your business.


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Client Testimonials

They had these silent films of people working with gold leaf that are absolutely mesmeric and that almost felt like an installation. It really is something to watch, I mean I stood there for quite some time staring...

Royal Collection Gold exhibition reviewed by Antonia Quirke, BBC Radio 4 's Saturday Review

I’m so thrilled with how the videos turned out. Thank you again for being so wonderful to work with!

Sarah Shaw, British Library

That wonderful production company, Chocolate Films

Jon Snow, speaking at The Geffrye Museum

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