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The video landscape is constantly changing. Video used to cut through the noise, but ever since the explosion of online video, video is the noise. How do you get noticed and reach your audience? Develop a video content strategy before shooting or commissioning any content.

Get The Maximum ROI

At Chocolate Films we want our clients to have the most impact from their video marketing. Whether you’re new to video, experienced at commissioning, or even create some video in-house, we can help you plan what content to produce, devise ways to make it cost-effective, and achieve a greater return on investment.

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Let one of our consultants work with you to devise an effective video content strategy that works within your allocated budget. Our one to one consultation takes place over three sessions.


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Session 1:  A consultant from Chocolate Films will meet you to understand the objectives for video content and any challenges. He/she will get an understanding of your targets, budget and available resources.

Session 2: The consultant will recommend a video strategy that looks at platforms, frequency of content, style of content and production methods. This will be followed by a discussion session to refine the plan. A document summarising the findings and recommendations will be sent to you within 2 weeks of the meeting.

Session 3: After 6 months, the consultant will return for a follow-up meeting, analysing the impact and engagement with your videos, and helping tweak the strategy for the upcoming year.


The way video is consumed changes fast. This workshop is designed to keep marketers up to date with the latest thinking and recommendations on effective online video.

Video Styles

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Platforms And Audiences

Self-shooting Or Commissioning


Getting It Out There

This one day workshop for marketing and management teams, looks at the latest recommendations for  producing effective video content. What kinds of video work with audiences? How can you drive online traffic with video? Do you always have to commission agencies or can you make our own content? 

Led by a team of two, this workshop can take place either at your offices, or off-site. After the workshop, we’ll make sure your team are supplied with the session handouts as well as all the tips and responses which came up on the day, leaving you with a practical information pack.


A great deal of video content can be shot successfully by internal teams. This workshop is designed to help staff in any role create great looking and effective content.

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Getting The Most Out Of Your Kit

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 Shooting For Social

Since 2003, Chocolate Films has been training people with little or no experience to make great videos through its multi-award-winning sister organisation, Chocolate Films Workshops. With the video explosion, we are now offering these workshops to organisations who are looking to produce some or all of their video content in-house.

Get started with our ’10 Tips To Win At Online Video’.

Before the workshop, we will organise a 60 minute phone/Skype consultation, where we will discuss the goals of the day, the participants’ existing skills level, and the production resources available to the team. The workshop will teach your team practical video production skills, from planning to shooting video. Following the workshop, we will feed back with key tips from the day, signposting to more information, and potential follow-ups.

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