Chocolate Films’ Top European Shoots

Opening our new offices in Berlin this October has made us think back on the different shoots we have done in mainland Europe throughout our 18 years of existence. Here’s a shortlist of our 3 favourite ones, from Italy to Switzerland. We’re looking forward to doing many more in 2020 and beyond! 


The Museo Nazionale del Bargello of Florence is the world’s most important museum of Italian Renaissance sculpture, with work by Michelangelo, Donatello and Veronese, but its financial resources far from match the importance and needs of its collection. This is an issue that The Friends of the Bargello are determined to solve. The Friends of the Bargello is a trust dedicated to raising money to preserve and showcase the museum’s beautiful works of art, using video marketing as a powerful storytelling tool to achieve this.

Our filmmakers spent 3 incredible days capturing the city’s historical streets and squares as well as the museum’s rooms and its unique works of art. We were commissioned by Flint PR, the trust’s agency, to create a film that would serve both as a video background on the trust’s website as well as a powerful fundraising film.

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reachFRANCE – showcasing public’s inaugural govtech conference

We were delighted to have one of our filmmakers be present in Paris in November 2018 to capture PUBLIC’s GovTech Summit, the first of its kind worldwide. The yearly Summit brings together public officials, intellectuals, tech innovators and investors from around the world to explore how government and public services can be transformed through technology.

Every part of the event was documented, from daytime keynotes with over 90 international speakers to night-time drinks with London Mayor Sadiq Khan. We created a series of upbeat promotional films for PUBLIC to create excitement around the cutting-edge GovTech industry, their event and its next edition in Paris.

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reach SWITZERLAND – capturing the story of rca & cern’s collaboration

The Royal College of Art partnered with CERN, the European Organisation for Nuclear Research, for their 2018 – 2019 Grand Challenge. The goal of this innovative project was to propose solutions for international sustainability challenges by bringing together science, technology and design.

374 students in interdisciplinary teams were given 4 weeks to craft workable solutions to global problems such as Social and Economic Disparity or Health and Wellbeing. The 4 winning teams were given the chance to showcase their projects during a show at the RCA in London, as well as to visit the Large Hadron Collider and present their work at CERN in Geneva.

We loved producing this film which documents the Grand Challenge and demonstrates how much designers and scientists can shape the world by working together on global issues.

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Now that we have a base in Berlin, we are excited to see what new shoots and European destinations the future holds for us. Prague, Munich, Vienna, here we come!

Interested in discussing a new video project from our Berlin base? Let us know!






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