How does my video get made?


We’ll arrange a call or meeting to discuss what you want to achieve with your video, as well as creative ideas about content, tone, and style. What is your message? Who is the audience? Where will this video be seen? How will you measure the success? 

We will prepare a quote or detailed proposal that works within your budget. You’re welcome to come to us with a detailed brief, or if you just have a vague idea at this stage we can work it out together.

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Once the proposal has been signed off, we’ll assign a dedicated Account Manager who will be your constant point of contact throughout the process, overseeing the whole project. They will organise a kick-off meeting to review the content, tone, and style of your film and to discuss logistics such as contributors and filming locations. 

Depending on the nature of your project, our team will then prepare the script, storyboard, or shot list for your film and a full shooting and delivery schedule.


Now the fun of actually making your film! 

Our versatile team of in-house creative filmmakers will work with our state-of-the-art production kit – from the basics of cameras, lighting and sound equipment to specialised grip kit including gimbals, motion control sliders and drones.

We’ll make sure you’ll have a clear idea of the crew, timings and equipment ahead of the day.


The post-production takes place at our in-house studio, with facilities for music and sound editing, colour correction and grading, and specialist motion graphics design. 

During the amends process, completed drafts will be shared with you via an online link where you can offer your feedback directly onto the video for quick and easy communication.

Once signed off, the final film will be delivered to you via secure online transfer.


At Chocolate Films we understand how valuable your footage can be, not just for this project but also for future projects. 

We archive all of our projects and footage using a long-term LT07 data storage system which will safely store footage for 15-30 years. If you would like a back-up of all your footage, we can copy the content onto your hard drive so you can organise long-term storage.

How much does video production cost?

We prepare bespoke budgets for each brief, tailored to your project so you’re only paying for what you need. We’re happy to discuss how we can work to your budget, and you’ll always receive an itemized breakdown from us. Here’s an idea of the potential costs involved at every stage of the process:


  • Project Management, including client meetings
  • Shoot preparation and planning
  • Location scouting
  • Talent casting
  • Research, scripting and storyboarding


  • Crew time, including travel, set up and pack down times in addition to the shoot
  • Equipment hire 
  • Travel, subsistence, and accommodation expenses
  • Carnets and licences
  • Location or studio hire
  • Actors’ fees
  • Hair & Make-up
  • Costumes and Props


Get A Quote


Can you do a quick quote?

Yes! Just send your brief to, or for event videography fill out this form.  We will get the quote to you the same day (office hours Monday to Friday 9am-6pm).

Will more costs come up, after the proposal?

All of our quotes are fully itemised, so you’re aware at proposal stage exactly what you’re paying for (and not paying for). 

Additional services can be arranged during the production process if, for example, you decide you would like another day of filming. But we guarantee that we will deliver the work as set out in the proposal for the costs agreed.

When do I pay for my video?

Our standard terms are payments in two instalments: 50% on confirmation of the job (refundable deposit) and 50% on delivery. This allows us to get started on any production expenses straight away and spreads the cost for you.

How much input do you need from me to produce the video?

In short, you can be involved as much as you like! At a minimum, we like to ensure that we have a detailed initial brief at the beginning of the project. This could take the form of a written brief, a phone call or a face to face kick-off meeting.

However, we are always delighted when clients want to be more involved in the production process, from scriptwriting and production through to reviewing the edits. Our dedicated Account Managers will ensure that you are constantly kept abreast of the project’s progress, and have every opportunity to take a more hands-on involvement in the project, if you so wish.

What space do we need for the shoot?

The space required depends on the nature of the shoot. We will always consult with you at the beginning of the project to advise on whether the proposed spaces are suitable.

How big is the kit you will be bringing?

The amount of kit is dependant on the nature of the shoot. We keep our filming material in contained suitcases (around the size of hand luggage) and flight cases for bigger items such as lights. We will need a sizeable, locked space to keep the kit stored when it is not being used.

How long will the filming take?

Filming times are different for each project. A talking head film can take just a couple of hours and 1-2 days is ideal for a case study, however we’ve also produced 2-3 year documentaries! If you’d like guidance on how long we’d suggest for a project, just get in touch at

How long do you need interviewees for?

Interviews often require contributors to be available for 30-60 minutes, however depending on the project they can be much shorter or longer. If you would like to discuss the practicalities of a shoot, just drop us a line at

How many from your team will you send on the shoot?

Depending on your requirements, we can send a crew ranging from 1 filmmaker to 20 videographers, directors and producers. We will listen to your needs and agree with you on the size of the crew at brief-stage, so you know exactly who’s coming, who you can get in touch with and who you are paying for.

Who will be directing the video?

Each film will be assigned a director. He/She has been briefed about what needs to be captured from the day.

How should we prepare for the shoot?

We will share interview questions ahead of the shoot, to make sure you/colleagues are well prepared in what they would like to say. Please also share the schedule with your team so they know their interview slot – this will keep things ticking over nicely on the day! 

If the room could be made available an hour before the shoot, we will have enough time to set up before you/colleagues are ready to shoot.

What should we wear?

If you are being interviewed on camera, it is great to consider what you will wear. Generally, we ask for no bold colours or big patterns, as well as tight stripes which will interfere with the screen. It’s also recommended not to wear big statement pieces of jewelry, as they can distract from what you are trying to say!

Do you have an example script?

We will happily share script templates with you before the writing process, so that you can see the best way to format initial scripts.

Can you take photos whilst on the shoot?

Our team are also highly experienced photographers, and are always happy to capture still images at the same time as video. In some cases this may involve an additional cost, but this will be made clear up front in the initial quote.

How long will the editing take?

For conference and event films, we can turnaround the edit very quickly and even edit social media clips on-site if needed. Other projects like animated explainers, impressive promos or longer-form documentaries require more time in post-production.

We will make sure to clearly understand at the start of the project what outputs you expect, so we can deliver what you need exactly when you need it.

Can you include our self-shot footage?

Yes, we frequently include clients’ self-shot clips in our films. If you haven’t shot it yet, we can send over a document giving our recommendations about how to make your self-shot footage as impactful as possible.

Can you include a graphic?

Of course!

We have an in-house motion graphics team who can design custom animations for your project to highlight your key messages.

If you have existing assets to include that’s no problem at all – just send them over and our team can include them in the cut.

How many feedback opportunities do I get?

As standard, we offer our clients two rounds of amends. Usually the first round is used for feedback on structure, tone etc. and the second round for final tweaks and corrections. If your organisation requires more, we’re happy to factor this into the budget! 

Completed drafts will be shared with you via our online amends platform, allowing you to comment directly onto the video for quick and easy communication.

Is subtitling included?

The cost for subtitling (whether that’s burnt-in captions or separate SRT files) will be specified in the budget. Make sure to ask about subtitling when briefing us about your video project.

Will we be able to take still images from the video?

You absolutely can take still images from your video to use elsewhere. However, if you have specific still image needs, we recommend capturing dedicated photos on set for higher quality.