From focus to portrait photography at The Collective

photography masterclass the collective

Over the last few weeks we have been running photography workshops at the contemporary co-living space The Collective in West London. The residents have been taking part and learning everything about photography from camera settings to how to compose the perfect picture.

The workshops commenced with a technical session on the first week, then in the following weeks we delved into the world of portraiture and street photography.

The participants were of varying abilities, but all had a love of photography in common. Some were wanting to find out how to work in photography professionally and others to explore it as a hobby. The group also learnt about various camera setups with ranging budgets, where to buy the kit and first hand vs second hand equipment.

As a group they worked very well together and I’m sure you will agree produced some amazing results! On the portrait session they learnt about photographers such as David Bailey and Rankin and about how to get the best out of your subject and technical set up. They practiced on each other and produced some great pictures!

In street photography week the group looked at the work of Henri Cartier Bresson amongst others and learnt more about composition and angles, the group were sent on a challenge to capture interesting and frankly sneaky pictures – at which they excelled!

After each of the sessions the group discussed the pictures they had taken and what they had learnt, we had lively and productive discussions. Between them they would be able to produce a top class exhibition! Watch this space!

Ruth Gardiner – Filmmaker


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