Hello Brain! – The exhibition opens at the Crick

Last night we were delighted to attend the opening of the fascinating new exhibition ‘Hello Brain!’ at theThe Francis Crick Institute. The exhibition shines a light on the mysteries of neuroscience and makes complex scientific ideas accessible to those of us who aren’t brain scientists!

We had the pleasure of creating two short documentaries for the exhibition. One film looked at the mysteries of sleep. Why do we sleep, and what are we doing when we sleep. The other film looked at hallucinations, and even makes the audience have an auditory hallucination as they watch and listen to the film.

Displays at the Francis Crick Museum

The exhibition has been beautifully designed, with playful imagery and strong colours. Our films were even housed in frames designed to look like a mouth and a cloud.

It was great to see the team we worked with at the event. Ling Lee, who we’d had the pleasure of working with throughout, and the scientists Drs Julia Harris and Katharina Schmack. And we even caught up with a former member of the Chocolate Films team  – Laura Kloss. 

This fascinating exhibition opens on 2 March, in an amazing instituation, that we’d encourage anyone to see


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