About Historic England

Historic England’s mission is to help people care for, enjoy and celebrate England’s spectacular historic environment. This public body wants to identify and protect heritage, champion and understand historic place, provide expertise at a local level and support change.

The Stories Behind Beautiful Buildings

There are approximately 1,500 mosques in Britain, which range enormously in design and scale: illustrating the diversity of the Muslim population. Chocolate was commissioned by Historic England to make a short film to support the publication of a new book titled The British Mosque.

Client Testimonials

They had these silent films of people working with gold leaf that are absolutely mesmeric and that almost felt like an installation. It really is something to watch, I mean I stood there for quite some time staring...

Royal Collection Gold exhibition reviewed by Antonia Quirke, BBC Radio 4 's Saturday Review

I’m so thrilled with how the videos turned out. Thank you again for being so wonderful to work with!

Sarah Shaw, British Library

That wonderful production company, Chocolate Films

Jon Snow, speaking at The Geffrye Museum