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Magical Miniatures

Written by Nessah Muthy and supported by Arts Council funding, Punchdrunk’s Small Wonders sees Nanny Lacey inviting children round to her Tottenham flat for tea, before showing them a tiny world – memories made in tiny miniatures. Chocolate Films was commissioned to shoot this promo with the aim of bringing kids and parents into the world of the show, while communicating a sense of excitement, wonder and delight.

Step inside

Punchdrunk is a returning client at Chocolate Films Video Production. We fully storyboarded this film with hand-drawn panels before the shoot, and fully scripted it, before choosing bits and pieces of story to splice together. The camera was placed on a turntable that spun around throughout the set. It had a good impact, and the show had an extended, highly successful run. There’s now talk of doing a run in Australia.

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