About Thames Festival Trust

Thames Festival Trust aims to increase the appreciation of rivers and their importance to the public through creating and promoting river-related art, education and heritage programmes. The Trust’s key activity is the annual outdoor festival Totally Thames with tons of activities along the river in London.

Creativity On The Water

Thames Festival Trust has commissioned Chocolate Films to document many artistic and creative projects. These have included a ‘reverse graffiti’ project where an artist used a waterjet to write TS Eliot’s ‘The Wasteland’ on the banks, the promotional film HippopoThames and a documentary uncovering the untold story of ‘The World’s Oldest Boat Race’.

Client Testimonials

"I would highly recommend Chocolate Films. We have worked with them on a variety of different projects and they've gone above and beyond to deliver some excellent videos." -

Bethan Philips, BookTrust

"Chocolate films helped us shape our narrative and effectively tell our story. Highly recommended."

Dina Brawer, JOFA UK

"They created 3 lively short films for us that perfectly fitted the bill. We were able to use those videos to promote the activity of local charities and gain recognition from our funder."

Silvia Nissim, Kensington and Chelsea Social Council