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No, Not That Boat Race

Since 1715, the Race for Doggett’s Coat and Badge has been contested by river workers on the Thames. It is thought to be the oldest continually competed sporting event in the world. However, little of the race had been documented… until now. With this film, Thames Festival Trust wants to celebrate Thomas Doggett’s history, keep the tradition alive and reveal the stories behind the people who race from London Bridge to Chelsea.

One River, One Race

On the day of the race, we had four filmmakers on the ground and followed the families of each competitor. Nothing on this scale or length had been produced about this unique event in its 300-year history. There were screenings held in rowing clubs along the Thames. The film was also part of an exhibition at The Guildhall, and a further screening was held at the Watermen’s Hall attended by former winners.

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