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Chocolate Films is a leading video production agency for directly commissioned content.

Since 2001, we’ve been trusted by clients across the arts, heritage, corporate, medical, education, charity and public sectors to deliver stunning videos tailored to reach specific goals.

We use our expertise to deliver creative learning experiences through Chocolate Films Workshops. All of our team are adept at training people of all ages in filmmaking, animation, and content strategy.

What We Offer

Video Skills TrainingMake the most of creating video in-house with training programmes designed to bring your team up to scratch to make cost-effective and impactful video content.

Video Strategy Consultancy – Video can be a very powerful tool for Marketing. Learn to deliver Return on Investment, engagement and impact with a powerful video content strategy for your business.

Team-building Away Days – Offer your team an exciting and memorable experience making animations or live-action videos as a Team-building Away Day.

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Lots of video content can be created in-house.

We will teach your staff how to create your own video content, so that it’s cost-effective, impactful and (of course) visually stunning.

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With the explosion of video, many of the tools needed to create great content can be purchased by even small businesses. We offer skills-focused workshops to organisations who are looking to produce video content in-house by training or upskilling their workforce.

We have been training people with little or no experience to make great videos since 2001 and our approach ranges from one-day workshops to Continuing Professional Development programmes.

Our skills training opportunities include:

  • Introduction to Filming and/or Editing
  • Advanced Filming or Editing Skills
  • How to Shoot a Professional-Looking Interview
  • From Concept to Publication: How to Plan, Make and Share a Video
  • And more.

Before the workshop, we will organise a consultation to discuss your learning goals, the participants’ existing skills level, and the production resources available to the team. Following the session, we will feed back with key practical tips from the day, signposting to more information, and potential follow-ups.

Workshops start at £495 + VAT per day, for up to 3 participants. We can cater for much larger groups too, so get in touch to develop a bespoke package that works for you.

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Create impact, engagement, and Return on Investment with a powerful video content strategy.


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Video Skills Training 1
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The video landscape is constantly changing. Video used to cut through the noise, but ever since the explosion of online video, it is the noise. How do you get noticed and reach your audience?

We are content marketing consultants with over 18 years of video expertise. Whether you’re new to video or experienced, we can help you to plan what content to produce, understand how to best distribute it, and devise ways to make it work with your allocated budgets.

By understanding your goals, capacity and market, we will match your needs closely with the latest trends and recommendations for producing effective video content to build a powerful long-term content strategy.

We will train you in either one-to-one consultancy sessions or a workshop with your whole team. Afterwards, we will provide you with a practical information pack and arrange a follow-up meeting in 6 months’ time to review the impact you’ve made so far and help you tweak the strategy for the upcoming year.

Prices start at £750 + VAT for a full one-to-one session.

If you are considering making videos in-house, our Consultancy service can be combined with a Video Skills Training workshop (see above) to develop hands-on skills at the same time. Get in touch to find out more and receive a tailored quote.


We deliver fun, memorable,  skills-enhancing Away Days which inspire creativity and deeper engagement across your team.






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Away Days are rewarding and collaborative experiences to make your staff work together, facing an entirely new challenge in:

  • Stop-Motion Animation
  • Script-to-Screen Drama
  • Or Creative Documentary

The days are built around your needs and can take place in your office or off-site. Participants work in small crews and are set fun, hands-on challenges that take them through the whole process of creating a video or animation. The day ends with a screening to enjoy the films together, and an awards ceremony to celebrate your team’s unearthed creative talent.


Case Study – The Crown Estate

We worked with 45 participants from the Crown Estate’s Accounting team to deliver an animation workshop Away Day. Chocolate Films animators introduced participants to stop-motion animation, by showcasing a range of films that demonstrate claymation, timelapse drawing with whiteboards and lightbox silhouettes.

Throughout the course of the day, the participants produced 3 films which explored the organisation’s values, creating the narrative from storyboarding and scene building to character development.

The group learnt new ways to communicate key messages on topics important to their company culture, including agile working and wellbeing.

Away Days start at £2,500 + VAT for 20 participants. We can cater for other group sizes too, so get in touch to find out more.

Team-building Away Days

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