Chocolate Films opens an office in Berlin

We have just set up a new base in one of Europe’s most exciting cultural cities: Berlin!

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cf-production-logoWe’re taking Chocolate Films Services to Germany

We love working in Germany and our team are looking forward to meeting and working with new partners and clients throughout the European Union in 2020 and beyond.

We’ve been doing more and more work in Germany and Europe over the last few years. Recently we have shot conferences in Berlin and our video content is currently on display at the Internationales Maritimes Museum in Hamburg. Chocolate Films Workshops has been facilitating sessions with young people in Northern Germany for the past 6 years working alongside Kinderkulturbüro. Our director Rachel Wang was also one of the keynote speakers at the Nordmetall, ‘Relevant Museum’ conference in April 2019 discussing ways to bring new audiences into museums and galleries using film. We look forward to developing these relationships further and building new clients from our new base.

camera_purple  We’re taking the worry out of EU shoots, post-Brexit

Ever since Chocolate Films began, we have enjoyed the ease of access to the EU for filming. European shoots have taken us to Paris, Helsinki, Munich, Florence and many many more. 

Now, as the UK is leaving, taking kit in and out of the European Union may become more complex and expensive. Our Berlin base will help remove any of those concerns, and ensure that we continue throughout the EU the smooth, flexible and reliable service that we pride ourselves on.

lamp purpleWe’re reducing our environmental Impact 

One of the driving forces behind our move is our commitment to reducing our environmental impact. Our biggest challenge is to reduce the environmental impact of our travel to shoots, and most significantly the amount of air travel.

By launching our Glasgow base in 2017 we removed the need to ever fly within the UK since the majority of the population of the UK mainland can be reached from our two UK bases by train or car in just four hours. From London, Paris, Amsterdam and Brussels are currently easily accessible by train, and from Glasgow, Belfast is much easier to reach. Our offices in Berlin mean that as well as having a base in the third major European City, we are four hours on a train from several others – Prague, Munich, Hamburg…

So now, with apologies to JFK, Chocolate Films can proudly say: Ich bin ein Berliner (mit Schokolade).

Interested in discussing a new video project from our Berlin base? Let us know!





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