Glasgow’s Best Interview Backdrops for Your Brand Videos

How to find the perfect location for your brand video or promo.

Glasgow is a city that is steeped in history and is situated at the heart of one of the most passionate countries in the land. Famed for its Victorian and art nouveau architecture, Glasgow offers a unique opportunity to truly portray your brand’s values through the use of the city as a backdrop. The city is also able to offer a fantastic variety of locations, whilst remaining extremely production-friendly and easily navigable. 


George Square

In the heart of the city at George Square you will find the now famous PEOPLE MAKE GLASGOW sign, fixed on to the old College of Building & Printing. The colourful sign, iconic slogan and mix of greenery and architecture make this an ideal location for any interview. 



If you spin the camera round 90 degrees you will also find Glasgow City Chambers, one of Glasgow’s most prestigious buildings. Again steeped in rich Glaswegian history that is key to capture if your brand video is that way inclined. Historically the chambers are a symbol of the city’s political strength and historical wealth. 

The Lighthouse on Mitchell Lane

Glasgow as a city is known for its architecture, with much of it being crafted with its most famous architect at the creative helm: Charles Rennie Mackintosh. His work is celebrated in the ‘Mack’ Centre at The Lighthouse, which also boasts an impressive events space with rooftop views over the city. The venue is accessed via MItchell Lane, which has some Blade Runner-esque neon lighting – perfect for adding a bit of moody Glasgow glamour to your video.

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The Billy Connolly murals


The Big Yin just got even bigger. Glasgow’s other famous son, Billy Connolly, can now be found as a 50 foot mural looking over the people of Glasgow. Painted by some of the city’s most successful artists (John Byrne, Rachel MacLean and Jack Vettriano)  the mural trail stretches from the city centre out to the East End near the Barrowlands. These colourful backdrops are sure to add warmth, character and personality to any interview.


The River Clyde


As far as iconic Glasgow landmarks go, the Armadillo, the Finnieston Crane, and the SSE Hydro all occupy spaces at the top of the list. Unbelievably though, they’re all situated neatly next to each other on the bank of the river Clyde! A company or brand looking to convey a sense of Glasgow’s impressive skyline, Glaswegian values, or even just familiar Scottish iconography would be hard-pressed to find a better filming location than in front of these three quintessential structures. Throw in the nearby Clyde Arc Bridge, which can be used to neatly frame the landmarks, and nowhere comes close in Glasgow for sheer conspicuity. 

Queen’s Park

Glasgows best video backgrounds


Out of the way of the hustle and bustle of central Glasgow, the southside offers serene, quiet locations and wide open streets perfect for filming. The southside’s Queen’s Park is a sprawling, verdant green space that rises to one of Glasgow’s highest hills- and offers some of the best views of the city available. Those looking for an eye-catching shot of Glasgow for a documentary, or an interview backdrop for a corporate video would be well served by the park’s flagpole terrace- but be prepared for a steep walk.

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