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Do you need an effective tool to explain your product or service? No matter how complex the subject, animated explainers can help you share information in a highly engaging, visual and attractive way.

Motion Graphics With Lasting Impact

Our experienced team of writers, motion graphics designers and animators are experts at designing and telling your story. Using attractive design and careful scripting, we will create video content that is ideal for your website,  social platforms or marketing campaigns.

Animated Explainer Projects

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E-Invoicing, E-Billing and Document Distribution


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Building A Workforce For The Future

London Sport


Your step-by-step guide to cyber security: Institute of Directors & Hiscox

Institute of Directors


Together for Impact: A decade of UK-India collaboration


4 great ways to communicate with animated explainers:

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Bring concepts and ideas to life. Many of the organisations that commission our animated explainers are concept and ideas-focused. Animated explainers can be a great way of communication. We will use a wide range of techniques such as visual metaphors to make your story easy to engage with.
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Explain complex processes. Explainers are a great way to simplify technical, complex, processes and stories down to their essential parts, accessible to non-expert audiences. Using characters and icons, animation can make the most complicated systems easy to understand.
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Communicate data and research. People are often daunted by large volumes of numbers, and sometimes struggle to fully process statistics. Motion infographics and animation visually break down those numbers and figures, making content clear and impactful.
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Multiple films for multiple uses. Sometimes one video is not enough for your business. With animated explainers you can make variations in a cost-effective way, making it possible to repurpose video content for different uses.

Our Corporate Clients include:








Aerospace Technology Institute



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Client Testimonials

Absolutely delighted with all the work Chocolate Films have done for us over the past year. Their professionalism, commitment and creativity is second to none! And they get the brief first time round!

Aerospace Technology Institute

Chocolate Films are a pleasure to work with. The customer service is outstanding and nothing is ever too much of an ask. The quality of work is superb and we will definitely use them again.

Ellen Mackay, MetaCompliance

I'm so pleased we forged a relationship with Chocolate. They've been nothing but fantastic to work with: professional, helpful and reasonable cost wise. I'm thrilled with everything we've worked with them on.

Rachel Gold, McGraw-Hill

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