The Spirit of Adventure

For this special film, we joined business leaders and Jeep ambassador & England Rugby Legend Austin Healey at the Carden Park Hotel Jeep 4×4 Experience in Chester to test both their off road skills and the new Jeep Grand Cherokee. The cars were taken onto a special off road course and put through their paces with the participants enjoying a unique opportunity to drive the Jeep how it is supposed to be driven.

Chocolate films has enjoyed a strong relationship with both the Institute of Directors and Jeep, creating a huge range of content for their ‘Adventure: Pushing Boundaries, Creating Leaders’ series, showcasing the adventurous side of business leaders.

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To make this film our filmmakers used state of the art steady cam gimbals to follow the cars through the tough terrain whilst still getting smooth and beautiful shots. We also equipped the cars with microphones, go-pros and action cameras on their own gimbals to allow us to experience the off road course from both inside and outside the car.

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Jeep Off Road Driving Experience