Real customers will be the best people to tell the story of your product

Clients and customers are the best ambassadors for good products. They can talk honestly and emotionally about how your product has helped them. Case study films can be an excellent and highly impactful way to communicate to your audience in a down to earth and emotionally engaging manner, using real people to tell real stories.

Let your team tell the story of your business

How do you attract the best people to pursue their career with you? Often the best way can be to allow the people who work for you to tell their stories. Hearing from the people who have experienced it first hand is the most compelling. They will be able to communicate the working environment and the opportunities that they have had in the most honest and accessible ways.

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We all know that the best way to communicate a message is to simply tell a story. Case study videos can be used to tell your customer’s story and show your products in a real-life situation. Demonstrating the true value of a product or service, case study videos can be one of the most emotionally engaging and memorable style of online moving image content.

Our experience of working with businesses of all sizes has given us the knowledge we need help you to identify the case studies that will have the most impact for your audience and how best to present them.

Video is now the most accessible delivery method currently available, but audiences can switch off branded content that feels too overtly message-led. An engaging story of a business or customer who uses your product can be a highly effective tool for attracting more customers. Chocolate Films can work with you to find the best stories to tell your story in a truthful and uncomplicated manner.

Case studies can be used for more than showcasing products. For large organisations, they can be a great tool for internal communications and for HR purposes. Focusing on the experiences of a member of your team can be a great way to demonstrate the experience of working for a business.

Chocolate Films is an award-winning producer of short-form online factual content. Our highly-acclaimed scale documentary series 1000 Londoners has achieved wide audiences and shows our skill in creating factual content that engages audiences. We will work closely with you from researching contributors and through the scripting and pre-production to post production stages ensure that the film which we produce is crafted exactly to your aims and objectives.

Chocolate Films understanding goes beyond your video production. Our experience of video optimisation for online distribution, channel management and social marketing mean that we can not only produce the perfect video for you, but we can make sure it reaches your target market. We also have an in-house translation and subtitling service to ensure that the your information reaches the widest audience possible.

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Client Testimonials

They had these silent films of people working with gold leaf that are absolutely mesmeric and that almost felt like an installation. It really is something to watch, I mean I stood there for quite some time staring...

Royal Collection Gold exhibition reviewed by Antonia Quirke, BBC Radio 4 's Saturday Review

I’m so thrilled with how the videos turned out. Thank you again for being so wonderful to work with!

Sarah Shaw, British Library

That wonderful production company, Chocolate Films

Jon Snow, speaking at The Geffrye Museum

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