Tell Relatable Human Stories

Let real customers and clients be your brand ambassadors. One of the best way to showcase your products or company is to encourage the people who benefit from your work to talk honestly about how it helps them. Case study films allow you to communicate with your audience on a personal level.

Let Your Team Be The Voice Of Your Business

Case study films are an ideal way of sharing compelling stories. And showing the work of team members can help you build trust and share your company’s values. Honest first-hand accounts of how and why people work for you, what they contribute and what their goals are will humanise your company and build brand loyalty.

Case Study Projects

Testimonial Durham


Women’s Journey


ARUP Community Engagement


Why Case Studies Can Improve Your Business With Emotive Storytelling:

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Real Clients Why do your clients love what you do? How does your product make their life better? A real-life case study showing your product or service in action is a great way of convincing potential customers.
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Real Impact The person who uses your product is not always your direct customer. If you make products for schools for example, a great case study could be a student whose life is improved by what you do. If you make software, show the real world impact of your product.
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Inspiring Leaders Some of the most inspiring business case studies tell the stories of how the business came to be. What inspired an entrepreneur to set up the business. What challenges have they overcome? And where do they see the company going in the future?
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Tantalizing Team A business is only as good as the people who work for it, and case study films are a fantastic way to share the achievements and success of individual team members. This can motivate other team-members or potential employees to join an inspirational business.

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Client Testimonials

Absolutely delighted with all the work Chocolate Films have done for us over the past year. Their professionalism, commitment and creativity is second to none! And they get the brief first time round!

Aerospace Technology Institute

Chocolate Films are a pleasure to work with. The customer service is outstanding and nothing is ever too much of an ask. The quality of work is superb and we will definitely use them again.

Ellen Mackay, MetaCompliance

I would highly recommend Chocolate Films. We have worked with them on a variety of different projects and they've gone above and beyond to deliver some excellent videos.

Bethan Philips, BookTrust

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