What are the ideas that make your business stand out from others

Each business has new ideas and initiatives that could be important or interesting to their customers. Sharing them with your audience can with vlogs and thought leadership films can be a great way of building a richer relationship.

Who are the people who are keeping your at the forefront of your industry?

Thought leadership films help your customers recognise key players in your organisation and build a personal and accessible profile for your team. Simple, fast turnaround thought leadership films can help develop trust and loyalty to your people and your brand.

Thought Leadership Projects

The importance of corporate directors’ liability insurance


Game Changers


In your industry, you are the experts and your customers and clients want to know what you think about different topics. A great way of building a relationship with your audience is by sharing your expertise using regular thought leadership video content.

There could be new legislation that could impact your sector. Maybe you’ve carried out some research into your market, or have an opinion on independent research. Video is the most immediate and accessible way of sharing thoughts and opinions and starting a conversation with your customers.

We generally produce thought leadership films with low production costs and with a fast turnaround. We can shoot and turn around video content within a matter of hours (or minutes if required) to ensure that it is as timely and new as possible.

For example, we travelled to the party conferences with the Director General of the Institute of Directors so that we could capture his immediate responses to key speeches. His audience wanted to know his opinion about how differing policies would affect business, and we ensured that they could hear his thoughts immediately after the speeches themselves.

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Aerospace Technology Institute


Benjamin Ball Associates


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Client Testimonials

They had these silent films of people working with gold leaf that are absolutely mesmeric and that almost felt like an installation. It really is something to watch, I mean I stood there for quite some time staring...

Royal Collection Gold exhibition reviewed by Antonia Quirke, BBC Radio 4 's Saturday Review

I’m so thrilled with how the videos turned out. Thank you again for being so wonderful to work with!

Sarah Shaw, British Library

That wonderful production company, Chocolate Films

Jon Snow, speaking at The Geffrye Museum

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