How to Promote Job Opportunities with Well-crafted Videos

Do you have any job openings coming up and do you want to attract the right people? Creating engaging videos you can share on your company website, social media platforms, and job portals can help attract potential candidates. In this blog, we will explain why video content should be part of your recruitment process and how it can help find your new employee.


Why Choose Video as a Medium?

Videos are a great way of showcasing your company culture, work environment, and career growth opportunities. You can feature employee testimonials, highlight unique projects, and emphasise your commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Video content can also work well for different audiences. If you’re looking to reach a younger audience then TikTok or Instagram might be the best platforms whereas Facebook might be more suitable if you’re looking for an older age group. Our team can help you choose the best platform and video style for your audience.


Getting Your Message Across

What type of roles are you looking for? Is it for a brand new team you’ve just created or is it several jobs across different departments? Are you looking to reach people from underrepresented groups? These are some of the questions worth asking before you start working on your recruitment video campaign. There are different approaches to recruitment films and finding the right approach is crucial to a successful campaign.

Chocolate Films has years of experience producing recruitment videos for various sectors from charities and the public sector, corporate, and education to arts and culture. Regardless of sector, we can create a recruitment campaign video that catches people’s attention and reaches the right candidates.

In 2022, we produced a promo film for Taylor Hopkinson, a recruitment agency collaborating with Brunel. The recruitment campaign aimed to highlight the collective strengths of Taylor Hopkinson and Brunel, showcasing their ability to assist candidates in transitioning to a more sustainable career.

Through compelling storytelling and visually appealing content, shared across various social media platforms, the campaign targeted candidates in oil and gas or related sectors seeking opportunities to shift into renewables or explore new roles within the sustainability industry. We combined live-action footage with motion graphics which made it eye-catching and engaging. We added text on screen and a voiceover, but it was the strong visuals that made the video stand out.


Show, don’t tell

A well-crafted narrative and strong visuals for your recruitment video will engage potential candidates emotionally, providing a glimpse into the company’s ethos and work culture. Unlike traditional text-based methods, videos allow for a rich multimedia experience, combining visuals, audio, and testimonials to create a compelling story.

Through visual storytelling, companies can effectively communicate their values, mission, and unique selling points, making it easier to evidence key points. Personal narratives from employees offer authenticity, helping candidates envision themselves as part of the organisation. These videos showcase real-world examples of career progression, team collaboration, and the company’s impact on individuals and communities.

Visuals enhance the communication of workplace dynamics, facilities, and day-to-day operations. A virtual tour of the office, snippets of team interactions, and glimpses of company events all contribute to a more immersive experience. Moreover, storytelling allows companies to address potential concerns or misconceptions head-on, presenting a transparent and honest portrayal.

In essence, recruitment videos built on storytelling transcend the limitations of traditional methods, providing a powerful means to showcase a company’s culture and opportunities. The visual medium not only captures attention but also leaves a lasting impression, making it an invaluable asset in the competitive landscape of talent acquisition.


Our Process

At Chocolate Films, we operate on the principles of transparency, keeping clients apprised of developments at all times. Throughout the production process, the dedicated Project Manager will act as a constant point of contact for the client, filtering all communication between the production team and the client team and owning the timeline to ensure deadlines are met throughout each stage of the production process

We first organise a kick-off meeting with the client. In the meeting, we discuss the video content in more detail, covering visual styles, sorting out filming locations, and practical considerations for the project as a whole to establish a delivery timeline.

Following this, we will develop a detailed delivery plan for all content. Progress updates will be delivered to the client weekly throughout active pre-production, production, and post-production phases through the Project Manager.

With each filming day, the client will be provided with a call sheet detailing the production plan (filmmakers, contact details, timings) as well as the creative steer as confirmed during pre-production.

Completed drafts of all the footage will be shared with the client via our online amends platform This allowed them to offer timestamped comments directly onto the video, or even draw/highlight within the frame, for quick and easy communication.


Getting maximum exposure for your videos

Recruitment videos leverage diverse channels for broad exposure, including company websites, social media platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook, X, Instagram), and video-sharing sites like YouTube. Email campaigns, industry forums, and partnerships with relevant organisations also extend reach.

Success is measured through engagement metrics such as views, likes, shares, and comments. Additionally, tracking website traffic, application conversions, and candidate inquiries provides valuable insights. Social media analytics tools and user feedback help assess impact while monitoring conversion rates from video views to actual hires establishes the effectiveness of the recruitment video in attracting and converting qualified candidates.


Put Your Best Foot Forward with Well-crafted Recruitment Videos

Videos can be an efficient tool for reaching the right candidates. Discuss with your team what makes your company special and why people should work for you. We can create a film that will highlight the benefits and opportunities that your company offers and will reach your aims and goals.

Begin promoting job opportunities for your company with inspiring recruitment video production, and book your free consultation today.


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